"From early on, I was attracted to and was obsessed with all things Art, Architecture and Fashion. My passion and the love of art and interiors began when I first started to sketch drawings that I would design and create objects onto taking years of architectural drafting classes in high school in preparation for studies in architecture. I loved the idea of creating contrast, the juxtaposition of polar opposites will always intrigue me. When it comes to creating a unique space, the principles of sustainability and luxury co-exist only in vintage and antique pieces. I absolutely love sourcing the odd and unique vintage finds with one of a kind bold objects that are old and storied yet mixing in with the new modern and or sleek lacquered finish with additional multiple layer effect by blending in different elements and different periods for complexity, curiosity and originality."


"As a stylist, authenticity and individuality are of the utmost important aspects of my creative process in making everything beautifully curated."  


"For me, Styling looks for Fashion to Styling an Interior Space, my main objective is to create exceptional experiences through storytelling. Design is so personal and I believe that your individuality and artistic self-expression of who you are should be expressed abundantly. It is all in the attention of details and mastering a cohesive look with all things Fashion, Objects and Interiors in a given space. It is the awareness of Balance, Scale and Proportion regardless of the medium. It is my Love, Passion and the Creative Vision of marrying Style with Fascination and Functionality in the creation of something truly unique and beautiful for every client."